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What is in my French Hamper?

Each hamper box includes French product and gourmet French food sourced directly from various regions all over France, or from French artisans right here in Australia.

Here at In My French Hamper, we have access to all of Australia’s leading and best French artisans, producers and makers. That’s because we also created Melbourne’s French Festival, Paris to Provence.

Plus we’re French – so naturally we HAVE to go to France regularly to source new product, right? (On business trips of course! And if those products happen to be in picturesque medieval villages or by the Cote d’Azur … well, you get the point …)

So like we were saying, through creating a whimsical French festival, we were able to pinpoint the exact bits and pieces that visitors loved the most and their reactions to those French products. In My French Hamper is like receiving a French festival, all wrapped up in a uniquely designed box, just for you! No crowds. No sharing. It’s just yours.

It’s France in a box
It’s YOUR French Hamper

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With twelve gourmet and boutique options, there is a French box for you and your gift requirements
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